Corporate Governance

aspire Corporate Governance

At aspire, good corporate governance is the central basis for responsible and also value-oriented corporate management. We focus on efficient cooperation between the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, transparency in reporting and appropriate risk management.

Our corporate governance objective
Corporate governance is a high priority at aspire and is ensured through the interaction between the management and the supervisory board. This facilitates responsible management focused on value creation and the ongoing control of our group of companies.


aspire’s Environmental Social Governance

We use over 400 KPIs to monitor our ESG impact. This monitoring helps us to keep track of the ongoing status of planned, ongoing or recently completed measures to improve ESG.
aspire performs excellently on all ESG indicators: We also achieved the following milestones in 2020 and 2021:

  • We further increased environmental KPIs due to continued focus on energy saving potentials as well as improved waste management processes which resulted in further cost reductions.
  • We achieved an excellent 98% of social KPIs through increased staff training, an excellent COVID response (with no redundancies), continuing the option of working from home for the entire workforce (contractually secured), which also has an impact on various environmental KPIs.
  • An individual corporate target to achieve CO2-neutral status by 2030.

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