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There are many challenges to be faced in the future of Europe/Austria. Globalisation, digitalisation, climate change – the resource “knowledge” is essential to create stability and thus ensure progress. The aspire group of companies also faces these challenges.



  • Education creates knowledge. Knowledge creates self-assurance and security for the future. Self-confident people and economic success make our society more stable and secure.
  • ASPIRE Holding supports 60,000 learners each year; both individuals and companies; in acquiring knowledge for all the demands of today’s working world.
  • The aspire “work- life – learn” mission aims to inspire and support as many people as possible and support them in becoming their own life designers. Our coaching offers are oriented towards this; enabling individualised educational journeys.
  • Our provider companies cover a broad spectrum: from courses for the Public Employment Service, IT training to high-end training in top expert networks.
  • We promote much-needed lifelong learning by imparting knowledge that is appropriately adapted to the labour market, in a way that uses new, collaborative forms of knowledge acquisition.

Only people who trust in the future safeguard the long-term stability of society. Knowledgeable workers have a significantly lower need for security than others. Thus, education clearly provides a certain “immunity” to a mega-trend of our time: increasing levels of insecurity.

Social Security

In order to be able to guarantee social security, education is one of the essential overall factors. People with a high level of education not only have a higher employment rate and higher relative income, they are also more socially engaged and subjectively feel more secure. What is therefore essential for our overall social development is access to the education system and the individual’s wish to be educated.


aspire education is the leading educational group in German-speaking countries and the parent company of the renowned companies ARS - Akademie für Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft (Academy for Law, Taxes and Business), ETC - Enterprise Training Centre, ibis acam, KAOS educational services and Stepin.


The aspire education team has a wide range of experience. A proven management team takes care of development of the group of companies. The specific Life Design approach of the aspire Group also relies on Life Design coaches as motivators.


Digital learning is far more than just a buzzword for us. We set standards here – even and especially in times of crisis. We actively offer Europe's economy solutions – to increase productivity and innovation and to combat the shortage of skilled workers. We give learners choice, security and the highest quality.


Our provider companies cover a broad spectrum, from courses for the Public Employment Service, IT training to high-end training in top expert networks. We promote much-needed lifelong learning by imparting knowledge that is appropriately adapted to the labour market, in a way that uses new, collaborative forms of knowledge acquisition. Life Design the unique aspire coaching model. Our "Work-Life-Learn" Life Design approach creates career paths and life plans for learners.

Our provider companies


Ibis acam has been active in the education and job market since 1993. As one of the most successful private training providers in the field of further qualification, around 1000 employees accompany more than 30,000 people annually. ibis acam focusses on the individual and their agile learning and individual life design.


Since 1999, ETC has been providing IT training courses on all the relevant current software (such as Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, ITIL, Prince2, VMWare, and many more). As the market leader in Austria, it operates at the centre of the rapid development of networks, technologies and IT. ETC training solutions cover topics concerning IT, management skills and specific digitalisation requirements. An extensive range of certifications positions ETC as an authorised seminar provider for the major global software brands.

The ARS Academy

“Knowledge creates success.” This is the vision of ARS, Austria’s largest private provider of professional seminars. The ARS Academy advocates that it is best to learn from the best. This applies in particular to further training for highly qualified technical and management staff, including in law, compliance, tax and finance, and many more subjects. The ARS Academy offers premium quality competence building and a robust, lasting network for learners. The renowned OMF (Online Marketing Forum) and Nimmerrichter are integrated into the ARS Academy.


The KAOS education service is part of the aspire business-to-public network. The focus there is on career-enhancing professional qualifications. The core market for KAOS is Tyrol/Austria. KAOS successfully helps shape people’s future. To this end, specific educational services are provided that focus on relevant key qualifications for the labour market.


Stepin is all about study trips abroad. In 20 years (founded in 1997), the company has organised exchange visits for around 40,000 people on 5 continents. Anyone with an ambition to study abroad will become a self-confident citizen of the world through the constantly expanding Stepin programme.


aspidoo is the apprenticeship and digital content creation lab of ibis acam Bildungs GmbH. The aspidoo lab sets standards in the field of digital professional development and creates customised state-of-the-art e-learning services for specific target groups. The focus is on live learning offers that allow people to study independent of the place of residence or work and concentrate on digitalisation topics with a view to apprentices in the IT sector. The company has a wealth of experience in the preparation of training guidelines for apprenticeships. This know-how results in sustainable partnerships, e.g. with ministries and business, and drives digitisation efforts, especially in the teaching sector, e.g. for IT.


Fastlane operates in the field of challenging network projects with relevant consulting and qualification programmes. At its core, it is about future-oriented technologies in the field of training (including training and demo labs). Fast Lane covers all important future technologies. Fast Lane is active worldwide and makes use of a vital partner network. Customers are companies from all sectors, leading service providers and also public authorities.


“Education is a crisis-proof investment.”
As a group, we set ourselves goals that help us stay competitive and grow smart together. The aspire smart growth strategy builds on five interlocking success factors.



  • Platform integrations and developments that focus on the Group's digital solutions
  • Ongoing adjustments of our services and products based on data evaluations in order to drive forward holistic digitisation projects
  • Core processes (throughout our value chain) rely on digitalisation and virtualisation. We enable target groups to be addressed appropriately, for example with flexible headless commerce solutions.
  • Continuous development of our user interfaces (design, functionality) in order to be more user-friendly, flexible, secure and efficient


  • On the one hand, the aspire network accumulates customers through each of the subsidiaries and also focuses on relevant sub-target groups through specific sales orientation
  • Both sales and marketing have years of experience in the education and job market
  • Strong alliances in the private and public sectors create a constant expansion of the target group.


  • We maintain the educational data and histories of our learners and expand their career opportunities through our Life Design methodology. #lifelong_learning
  • Learner satisfaction in terms of their professional, personal and social benefits is anchored in aspire Group's Work-Life-Learn approach and retains learners.
  • Our ecosystem solutions are unique in coaching, education and job placement.
  • Personalised recommendations for career paths, networking and job placement create a unique product world that appeals to learners.


  • A wide range of client-centric offerings with on-site, online and hybrid training formats
  • Certifications and documentation
  • Recruiting, training, placement
  • Interoperability (I14Y)
  • Learning programmes and modules for companies
  • Digital learning identity/history


  • Freemium
  • Premium
  • Flatrate
  • Subscription
  • Upgrades/ Add-ons


  • Expanding the reach of our supplier companies within Europe
  • Revenue through solutions
  • Revenue through certificates

Aspire group contact for investors

Udo Schelkes

Aspire Education GmbH

Managing Director Aspire Education

Geiselbergstraße 15-19, 1110 Vienna

[email protected]