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Europe/Austria face a future with many challenges due to globalisation, digitisation, climate change and new challenges such as global events and their effects. Knowledge is a resource that creates stability and can ensure progress.



  • Education creates knowledge. Knowledge creates self-confidence and future security. Confident people and economic success make our society more stable and secure.
  • Aspire Holding helps more than 50,000 learners every year – both individuals and companies – to acquire the requisite knowledge for all the demands of the modern-day workplace.
  • Our providers cover a wide range of educational experiences, from AMS courses and IT training to high-end instruction in top expert networks.
  • We promote lifelong learning by means of innovative, collaborative forms of knowledge acquisition in practice-related vocational training tailored to the labour market.

The only guarantee for the long-term stability of a society is people who trust in the future. Knowledgeable workers are far less insecure than others. This shows that education clearly helps “immunise” against a megatrend of our time: “rising insecurity”.

social security

Globally speaking, education is one of the key factors in ensuring social security. Highly educated people not only have a higher employment rate and higher relative income, they are also more involved in socially initiatives and subjectively feel more secure. Thus access to the education system is vital for our overall societal development, along with the individual’s “willingness to learn”.

Leaders in the educational field

aspire education is the leading educational group in German-speaking countries and the parent company of the renowned enterprises ARS: Academy for Law, Taxes and Economics, ETC: Enterprise Training Centre, ibis acam and Stepin.

Experienced team

The aspire education team has more than 20 years of experience in all business areas and draws on accomplished and proven management teams in the respective fields to further the development of the corporate group.

Benchmark for digital learning

For us, digital learning is much more than just a catchphrase: we set standards, even in times of crisis. We actively offer solutions for the European economy – to boost productivity, increase innovation and combat the shortage of skilled workers. We provide learners with choices, security and excellent quality.

Our portfolio

Our providers cover a wide range of educational experiences, from AMS courses and IT training to high-end instruction with top experts. We promote lifelong learning by means of innovative, collaborative forms of knowledge acquisition in practice-related vocational training tailored to the labour market.



In the area of law, IT and finance, ARS stands for learning best from the best. This develops people further and gives them a head start. The top speakers are not only up-to-date with current developments, they also know the trends. The clear standards of our premium brand create competence and also have a networking effect.


ETC contributes to this, in particular by enabling users to deal well with the challenges of digitisation. IT is developing. People have to develop alongside it. This is taken care of with a deep understanding of changing requirements and a passion for technology. ETC is the first choice when it comes to IT training, offering cutting-edge, top quality training solutions for all your needs – and a fast learning curve!


Our focus is on the individual. ibis acam makes people fit for work and helps them to realise their vision, especially in transition situations. The ibis acam services are high quality, professional and close to you – spatially as well as humanly. We achieve an impressive placement rate and prepare learners for professional and social challenges.

The success factors of aspire education holding

“Education is a crisis-proof investment.”

Alternative investments – such as investments in educational institutions – grow disproportionately, are instruments for improved diversification and protection and enable extraordinary returns.

What are the aspire education holding success factors?


  • Own platform development based on the group’s existing solutions
  • Ongoing development of the user interface (design, functionality)
  • Development of a uniform and mobile user experience

Client acquisition

  • We acquire clients through the individual group companies
  • We have our own sales and marketing department.
  • Platform thinking that goes beyond provider companies, including peer pressure, social learning and gamification aspects (badges)

Customer loyalty

  • We maintain a database on the educational histories of our learners. #lifelonglearning
  • Learner satisfaction: professional, personal and socially beneficial
  • Personalised recommendations

Our solution portfolio

  • „Digital first"
  • Interoperabilität (I14Y)
  • Learning programmes and modules for companies
  • Certifications and documentation
  • Recruiting, training, placement
  • Digital learning identity/history

Our pricing models

  • Freemium
  • Premium
  • Flat-rate
  • Subscription
  • Upgrades/Add-ons

Revenue Streams

  • Revenue from solutions
  • Revenue from certificates

Global megatrends

What will affect our lives in the near future and how will this affect people’s work-life-learn balance? This information should be made available and possibly linked to well-known institutes. The need for a “reconstruction generation” caused by COVID-19 must now be added to this.

Knowledge culture

Knowledge culture combined with connectivity changes the way we deal with information and the world in general. New forms of innovation and collaborative research are emerging. Knowledge is losing its elitist character. Global education levels are higher than ever. More complex, unpredictable requirements on the job market and new, collaborative forms of knowledge acquisition are causing the focus to shift to lifelong learning and soft skills.


Connectivity is one of the most powerful megatrends, since networking has initiated a social transformation. Digital communication technologies are changing our lives as well as our sociocultural codes, our lifestyle and our behaviour patterns. A new chapter is being written in the evolution of society. It requires network skills and a holistic, systemic understanding of digital change.


Cities are the states of tomorrow. Increasing numbers of people are living in cities. New forms of networking and mobility have above all made urbanity a new way of life, a new mindset. A change of perspective is required so that cities are envisioned as centres of innovation and places of opportunity for resource-efficient infrastructure and socioeconomic change.

A new way of working

We don’t live to work. But we also no longer work to live. People have time to think about the meaningfulness of work. Digitisation is completely transforming our working world. The creative economy is on the rise. This means there is a shift away from the rational performance society. The potential development of each individual is becoming a key priority. It is about achieving a successful symbiosis between life and work.

Gender Shift

The fact of being born and raised as a man or woman now has less influence than ever before over the course of an individual’s biography. Changing role patterns and gender stereotypes are causing radical change in the economy and society as a whole. The strong “I” creates an increasingly new culture of pluralism.


Health has become synonymous with “a good life”. As a central goal in life, it is deeply inscribed in people’s consciousness, culture and self-image. When they have independently acquired knowledge, people have different expectations not only of companies but also of infrastructures such as the health system. Health-promoting living environments are demanded as a new normal state and measure of satisfaction.


The advent of the “Silver Society” is causing wide-reaching effects. The global population in industrialised countries is becoming significantly older – and at the same time staying healthy longer. The phase of life after retirement has thus grown longer and offers space for self-development. The mindset: “Growing older more vitally than ever.” This is not about delusions of youth, but a reinterpretation of age and ageing.


Both the need for mobility and the variety of forms of mobility continue to increase. What shapes this: individualisation, connectivity, urbanisation and neo-ecology. Technical innovations are taking place at a much faster pace and people’s changing needs are driving new forms of transportation that is networked, digital, post-fossil and shared. We are at the beginning of a new multi-mobile age.


Our society is in a perceived constant state of alarm. One crisis follows another. Our perception plunges us into a false sense of insecurity. We currently live in the safest of times, nevertheless we strive for security more than ever. Because connectivity, the “always on” network and globally available information nourish a feeling of insecurity fuelled by there being more “to protect”.



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