Job matching – the "partner search" in recruiting, including training recommendations

If you get no or too few applications to fill your IT jobs, Job Matching is our solution to your problem. As a company, you can use the job-matching platform to “attract” skilled workers yourself. Put simply, job matching is a combination of a matching platform – like Parship based on certain criteria – and integrated training recommendations, including costs.

4 steps to the perfect candidate

Step 1: Profile

Both potential applicants and companies
create their profile on the job matching platform.

Companies also create a profile page and add job offers to it as well as the required skills, salary requirements, and much more.

Step 2: Matching

On the basis of the complete profiles, matching can take place between candidates and companies. If both parties agree on the position, the necessary training and the salary, it’s a perfect match.

Step 3: It’s a Match!

You can now see which applicants are the best match for your offer. Or which candidates would be your “perfect match” with additional training, as well as the costs of this. You can get in touch via a chat – which the candidate must agree to.

Step 4: Training

Our job-matching model is the optimised design for a dual learning offer. We start a digital skills-building programme on a hybrid basis and the participants can already work in your company in the meantime. Onboarding and identification with the new employer is thus faster, easier and any learning progress is immediately incorporated for the benefit of the company. The end result is both a recognised manufacturer certification and an employee who is already an integral part of the team.

Your bonus!

If started correctly, companies in the training phase are even supported in terms of wage costs and associated employee outlay – a real win-win situation for all parties involved.


Job matching – the quick overview

We support companies that cannot find enough IT professionals to fill vacant positions.
This means identifying candidates who have the best qualifications for a specific position – e.g. Microsoft Azure Solution Architect.
And similar to a dating platform, candidates are then matched with suitable companies. The matching takes place on the basis of your previously created profile.
If the company and the candidate are a good match, then the advertised job can either be started or...
with the knowledge and experience of the aspire Education subsidiaries, the candidate will be trained accordingly.
After completing training, your new employee will start work at your company. The IT position has thus been successfully filled.

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