Job screening – how to evaluate digital skills for all workers in a quick, sustainable and standardised way.

If over 90% of current jobs already require digital skills, how can you quickly gain an overview of the digital skills of your workforce? And how can you establish the necessary skills quickly, sustainably and in a standardised way?

aspire Education Job-Screening

aspire Education’s answer to the entrepreneurial problem of quickly evaluating the IT skills of employers or candidates. You can certify candidates’ knowledge with a Dig-CERT from fit4internet, thus confirming their general digital knowledge.
This saves time and money.








Austria is the first country in the EU to be able to effectively map individual people’s digital skills. The Dig-CERT is a certificate which recognises digital general knowledge in everyday life and work. It maps the digital skills that all workers should have, regardless of industry, function or individual educational background. By September 2022, around 1,000 people had already completed our job screening via AMS and had their knowledge evaluated. For more information


Enormous added value for your company

Our job screenings give recruiters and HR managers a quick overview of candidates’ actual technical skills. Three-stage screening helps them to make an informed decision. Any company looking for tech talent can take advantage of this kind of help to simplify their selection process.

Job screening in three stages

three-stage screening process is possible within just four weeks with aspire Education Job Screening.

  1. In stage 1, the nominee completes a 30-minute online self-assessment.
  2. In level 2, IT skills are tested in another half-hour test and certified by the fit4internet Dig-CERT. This certification is generally valid proof of the digital skills of employees.
  3. Upon successful completion, in Stage 3 manufacturer tests are administered in a consultation and then further training packages and job roles are recommended based on the results.


Job screening – a rapid overview

aspire Education’s effective new "Job Screening" tool allows HR managers and job seekers to quickly test the IT skills of their candidates.
Job Screening gives recruiters and HR managers a quick overview of the technical skills of candidates.
General digital knowledge in the form of the Dig-CERT from fit4internet, among others, can thus be certified. This saves a lot of time and money.
Three-stage job screening helps you to make an informed decision.
By September 2022, more than 1,000 jobseekers had been screened and certified for their digital skills.

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