Workplace related qualifications (AQUA)

Our procedure

Needs assessment of your IT job roles

Compilation of a list of the relevant IT positions for which you wish to recruit. Start AQUA cooperation partnership and recruit your vacant positions. Pre-selection and testing of candidates by Aspire, matching and final decision by your departments.

Dual IT training - 9 or 15 months

1/3 of the training time on theoretical IT qualification (hybrid learning tracks, online, video and classroom training as well as coached learning) by Aspire and 2/3 of the time in practical training at your company facilities.

New IT specialists on an ongoing basis

Medium to long-term planning of your need for new IT staff. Ongoing, dual qualification of skilled workers.

The AMS assumes the entire personnel costs of the candidates and supports the training costs (depending on the federal state).


we work with you to search, pre-select and match your new IT employees


according to your requirements, with individual starting and finishing periods


qualifies loyal and motivated new employees quickly and precisely to your requirements


We research suitable finding and support you in the application process.


offer an optimal combination of online, video and classroom training as well as social learning to complement work.


Follow-up of candidates through regular updates


Why companies use AQUA (qualification close to the workplace) to recruit and train future IT employees!


We believe that the Aspire Education’s AQUA was launched at exactly the right time.
Due to Covid-19 and the associated increase in unemployment, we at OMV would also like do our bit by giving some people the opportunity to regain a career foothold in these difficult times.
We see this opportunity as a win-win situation both for our company and for the future employees, and are looking forward to starting the first on-the-job training courses in October.

Andreas Roth
Senior Vice President CIO, Digital Office & S/4HANA at OMV AG

Claudia Brugger
HR Business Partner Corporate at OMV AT

SPAR Business Services GmbH

As Simon Sinek says “You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.”
There is an especially aggressive war for talent on the job market, particularly in the IT sector. Models such as the AQUA workplace-based qualification are an excellent way
of attracting people who have a good work ethic to a company and to then train and develop them for specific requirements.

Joachim Mayer
Head of People Engagement at SPAR Business Services GmbH

Gebrüder Weiße Paketdienst Gesellschaft m.b.H.

The IT Aqua Programme opened up a new field of applicants for our company, especially for our IT department, which we would not have found on the market ourselves and with which we were and are more than satisfied. Since mid-December 2022, we have been training a React Developer. The mix of working in the company and off-the-job training is a perfect combination and is very well received both in the department and in the company itself, as well as by the respective candidate. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

Katrin Spreitzenbart, M.A.
Leitung Personalentwicklung
Gebrüder Weiße Paketdienst Gesellschaft m.b.H.

eHouse Informationstechnologie GmbH

Finding qualified IT employees is currently an impossibility on the free market. The AQUA programme brought us not just any candidate, but an optimal one. Through AQUA, he was also prepared especially for the SME needs of our company. A real win-win situation for company and employee.

Paul Scholda
eHouse Informationstechnologie GmbH

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