Societal benefits


Our sustainable development goal is to strive to create equal access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities, and also to design it in a way that safeguards a good work-life balance.
We call this the overarching social goal of a work-life-learn balance.

Only if, together with likeminded people and other “forward thinkers”, we manage to create easier access for young people and adults to the skills they need can we achieve the goal of ensuring a better life for the generations to come.

How are we doing this?

  • through the strong interconnectedness between the seven dynamic companies in our group
  • through impulses and knowledge for personal and professional development, both internally and externally
  • through the conviction that active life design and education provide personal and social security
  • through our strong #worklifelearn mission and innovations and platforms developed from it
  • through systematic knowledge and many years of experience as an expert education and work platform

Johannes Lampert

Significantly higher investments need to be made in "knowledge" as a resource to ensure that Austria does not get left behind and remains the forefront. We are taking concrete initiatives as the ibis acam and aspire group.

Johannes Lampert CEO ibis acam


Johannes Lampert

Aspire Education GmbH

Managing Director Aspire Education

Geiselbergstraße 15-19, 1110 Vienna

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