Aspire, the Know-How Collective


The aspire-group is a comprehensively networked knowledge-sharing collective comprising eight top companies in the education sector: ibis acam, ETC, ARS Akademie, KAOS, Stepin, aspidoo, and Fast Lane, and since 2022 additionally brainymotion.

With a total of more than 160 years of experience in the educational market, we as a group are able to offer targeted coaching, provide companies with suitable employees, and train them. The aspire-group range of services is available anytime, anywhere, in a number of training formats: face-to-face, live and on-demand in online and hybrid training.

Udo Schelkes

We systematically generate knowledge and are the expert platform for training and work in Austria. This knowledge is continuously available online and is therefore of great benefit to society.

Udo Schelkes CEO aspire Education GmbH


Every year, the aspire-group helps more than 100,000 trainees to acquire knowledge. We actively provide training solutions for the business community to increase productivity, boost innovation and provide the skills training that is urgently needed to close the skills gap. We offer trainees choice, security and the highest quality. Our mission sees lifelong learning as an individual and future-proof concept.

We achieve all this with our approximately 1,200 employees, who design, organise and evaluate over 2,100 course formats annually.



Our eight companies work in a highly collaborative manner within the group. Each of the aspire companies has been successfully active in the Austrian and German educational markets for over two decadesFor selected sub-target groups, we provide integrated joint services, develop new learning technologies or enter into strong corporations with third parties. Thus, as a group, we have become the largest private sector training provider in Austria.
Together, we then systemically implement both the content and the radius of impact of new markets to realise our vision.


Technological opportunities Drive innovation in the aspire-group and create ongoing value for learners. We see ourselves as an ed-tech group of companies that consistently develops new learning services and support trainees in ever-better and more contemporary ways. Particularly in recent years, our learning services have been shaped by the use of collaborative, new, technological possibilities.

Our Company

Every year, the aspire-group supports more than 100,000 trainees. We address both individuals and companies, helping them acquire knowledge in a variety of educational formats. Our focus on the wide variety of requirements in the world of work helps us to carry out excellent quality training and education.

Our providers’ companies cover a broad spectrum, from educational projects for public clients, IT training courses and studies abroad to high-end training courses with recognised experts. Our approach is to impart knowledge in ways that are appropriate to the job market, using state-of-the-art forms of knowledge acquisition.


The social media manager training was a complete success thanks to the great speakers. Thanks to the great content, I can now apply this new knowledge in practice and let my customers benefit from it.

Kerstin Tossmann SPS Marketing GmbH


For over 20 years, brainymotion has been a byword in Germany for training experiences that are practical, innovative – and fun! More than 300 training and further education courses attest to this.

The company maintains established partnerships with leading software manufacturers such as Microsoft and AWS as well as numerous other technology and system providers. As a result, the company has become the leading training provider in the German market for the subjects of IT technology (technical and end user), office application scenarios as well as management, project and process management methods.

Brainymotion has developed a wide range of training solutions and content for business customers (B2B) and the publicly funded training sector (through The German Employment Promotion Act and the German Qualification Opportunities Act).

100% of the brainymotion training courses are flexibly adapted to the client’s needs, whether for in-person, hybrid or online training. Central to this is motivation, which enables participants to assimilate their training content more easily. The company currently employs more than 50 trainers, who have amassed more than 100 different manufacturer certifications and deliver 55,000 participant days or 3,500 trainer days annually – which have been awarded an average rating of 8.8 out of 10.0 points.


WHY our brainymotion?
We transform sound knowledge into valuable skills. Our ambition for our clients is to train smartly and secure knowledge.


brainymotion facts

brainymotion facts


ibis acam has been opening up new perspectives for people in the job market since 1993. The company is one of the most successful private training providers offering further qualifications for job seekers in Austria. Around 1,000 employees from more than 30 countries support more than 30,000 people in taking up new opportunities at around 100 locations throughout Austria every year. There is a clear focus on the individual. ibis acam sets trends in agile learning and individualised life design. The company has an impressive placement rate and empowers learners to master both professional and social challenges. Life Design coaching is a fundamental building block of the ibis acam services. Life Design is a creative problem solving methodology in which training coaches motivate students to acquire greater coping skills.

Our ibis acam WHY?

Our mission is to know why. Because: We are convinced that each individual can lead a fulfilled life on their own merits. By educating people, we support them and public clients to make their contribution to a socially and economically sustainable world.



Since 1999, ETC has been providing IT training courses on all the relevant current software (such as Microsoft, Cisco, Red Hat, ITIL, Prince2, VMWare, and many more). This makes ATC the Austrian market leader and the first choice for IT training. ATC responds to the rapid development in networks, technologies and IT with deep understanding and experience in the field of product creation. ATC training Solutions cover all topics relating to IT, management skills and digitalisation requirements. Cutting-edge expert know-how ensures rapid learning success. ETC has become the authorised seminar provider for the most important global software brands, due to its extensive range of certifications. ETC sustainably helps companies to meet the challenges of digitalisation with confidence.

WHY our ETC?

We believe the knowledge and skills benefit both people and companies. We are thus fully committed to helping and supporting them in their continuous development, thereby creating an all-important competitive edge – now and for the future.

ETC facts


ARS is Austria’s largest provider of specialist private seminars. The clear vision of the ARS academy is that “knowledge leads to success”. In the realisation of this vision, the ARS Academy philosophy is that the best way to learn is from the best. The company thus helps people to develop further and creates a competitive edge. As a leading Australian provider of professional development for highly qualified technical and managerial staff, the ARS Academy covers an incredible breadth of subjects, including law, compliance, tax and finance, etc. The ARS Academy has a clear focus on premium quality competence building and a robust, lasting network for learners. The renowned OMF (Online Marketing Forum) and Nimmerrichter are integrated into the ARS Academy.

WHY our ARS?

We develop people and companies both professionally and personally with solid education and training. We see it as our obligation to create a universal platform for targeted knowledge transfer and efficient professional learning.

ARS facts


The aspire business-to-public network is the KAOS Education Service, which focuses on career-enhancing professional qualifications and core competencies. The coal Market of KAOS is Tyrol. The company’s clear goal is to successfully help shape people’s future. The educational offer is both comprehensive and specific, with a focus on diverse key qualifications relevant to the job market, and career enhancing professional qualifications. Learners receive guidance at the start of their careers and are supported on the job market with a systematic and flexible approach.


We support people’s personal and professional development through their education. We focus on the individual needs of the learners, regardless of age, gender and nationality.

KAOS facts


Stepin is the number one in student exchanges. The company was founded in 1997. In over 20 years as an exchange organisation, it has arranged inspiring stays all over the world for around 40,000 young people. Stepin’s services follows a clear vision of turning curious exchange students into confident citizens of the world. The programme offer is constantly being expanded and ranges from volunteer work, internships abroad and language trips to guest students stays on five continents.

Our Stepin vision:

We provide intercultural competence acquisition and have expanded our portfolio to include blended learning.

Stepin Facts


aspidoo is the apprenticeship and digital content creation lab of ibis acam Bildungs GmbH. The aspidoo lab set standards in the field of digital professional development and creates customised state-of-the-art e-learning services for specific target groups. Aspidoo focuses on learning independently of place of residence and work location by providing the first extensive range of live learning courses made in Austria. This enables many learners to take advantage of a wide range of high-quality professional development opportunities with recognised certifications. Aspidoo’s wealth of experience, for example in creating training guidelines for apprenticeships, promotes long-term partnerships with stakeholders such as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour, and many others. Aspidoo’s solutions are developed in close cooperation with the business community, for example apprenticeship companies, and have a strong focus on digitalisation topics such as apprenticeships in the IT sector.

WHY aspidoo:
THE partner for forward-looking apprenticeship training in Austria.

Fast Lane

Fastlane operates in the field of challenging network projects with relevant consulting and qualification programmes. Fast Lane is at home in forward-looking technologies. Specifically developed Fast Lane training courses (with training and demo labs) cover all major future technologies. They help to develop all the technological skills required to meet the challenges of the future. Fast Lane has an active global partner network and deploys experts to train and advise companies from all sectors, leading service providers and public authorities. Since 2013, the company has also being an authorised Aruba training centre and one of the world’s leading Cisco learning partners.

WHY our Fast Lane?

At Fast Lane, we ensure that your time is used optimally. Our team is there for you, before during and after your training sessions. We are future-driven because we map be the most important future technologies with our training courses, thus supporting you in doing everything it takes to meet the challenges of the coming years.